Q&A with award winning lesbian author Kiki Archer


Kiki Archer, remember the name. If you haven’t heard of her it won’t be long until you do. In fact, if you haven’t heard of her where on earth have you been hiding? Time to come out now (yes I know the closet is comfy but even so) you need to see what you’ve been missing. It is said that a good book has no ending and I think this is most true of the books in question here. I don’t mean physically, of course they have written endings however metaphorically the books stay with the reader. The characters stay with you, you go through the story and all of the emotions with them. I sometimes find myself thinking I wonder what Kat and Freya are up to now. If you’ve read Kiki’s first and follow up novel you will undoubtedly understand where I’m coming from. If you haven’t read them yet you will soon follow.

Kiki is a former high school teacher who penned her first novel whilst away from the school environment raising her children. That first novel was ‘But she is my student’ and it became an instant hit winning the best book of 2012 of the So So Gay awards. This was also my first proper foray into the world of les fic (lesbian fiction) and I instantly loved it. Second came the sequel to BSIMS ‘Instigations’ which for me topped Kiki’s first offering. At the beginning of this year out came ‘Binding Devotion’ Kiki’s first breakaway novel from her loveable characters Kat and Freya. In this novel we had a dark side, politics and LGBT rights along with the usual humour and of course a brilliant love story. To me Binding Devotion is without a doubt the best les fic book of 2013 so far. In fact all of her books have soared to the heights of the e-book charts both in the UK and the US but with her new novel out tomorrow, will Kiki Archer do it again?

Kiki kindly answered a few questions I put to her and here is what she had to say:

So Kiki, you’ve been writing for a while now. Can we call you a serious author, has it stopped being a part time thing for you?
Yes, now that my children are in school full-time I have started to view this as a job, 9am-3pm (It’s a hard life I know!)

How do you structure your working days? You’ve said in previous interviews that you wrote after your children were in bed, does the same still go or do you have regimented writing days?
I do the school run and head straight home. I make myself a cup of tea and have a quick browse of the internet and catch up on social media. Three hours later and I’m ready to start! No, it’s not usually as bad as that. I try and start my work by 9:30am at the latest. I’ve always been a very hard worker and I’m actually incredibly disciplined. I like the philosophy of work hard, play hard. Nothing comes to you by chance, and I think things are more rewarding when you know you’ve tried your absolute hardest. Once I’ve done the afternoon school run the focus is back on the children and being a mummy. I still work in the evenings sometimes, but it’s nice for this to be a choice and not a necessity like it was before.

How do you come up with ideas, storylines and characters for your books?
It’s all just imagination. I’m a big people watcher and I do like stealing character traits and interesting physical features for the people in my novel, but the general storylines are pretty much made up. I do draw on experiences such as teaching, skiing or being a lesbian, but generally the plot is a result of many weeks of intense brainstorming.

What has been your favourite book so far and why?
‘One foot onto the ice’ I love Jenna and Susan and I feel like I’m only just beginning with them. I like it because it’s a light hearted, fun novel with lots of laugh out loud moments. My second favourite is ‘Binding Devotion’ which has just received an ‘honorable mention’ in the 2013 Rainbow Awards.

When you’re not writing what would we find you doing?
I have a four and five year old, so my life revolves around being a mummy. Which means you’ll probably find me on the trampoline – being jumped over, or on all fours – being climbed over, whipped and told to giddy up, or on a bike – being peddled around the park!

Are you already working on your next book? (Sorry folks but she wouldn’t spill on anymore details!)
Yes I am. I’m working on the sequel to ‘One foot onto the ice’ which will be out sometime in 2014.

And finally, with well over 1000 (and counting) friends on facebook, how do you cope with all of messages and contact you get?)
I do always try to reply to everyone and it really means a lot when people tell me how my books have made a difference in their lives. Whether it be simply making them smile, or giving them the confidence to come out to their families, or making them feel part of a wider accepting community. Times are changing and they’re changing for the better 🙂

So there you have it, not only is she a talented writer she’s also bloomin’ well lovely to boot. Many thanks to Kiki for taking time out to answer my questions and there’s just one thing left to say… Well that was going to be that the new novel ‘One foot onto the ice’ is out tomorrow but after having a look on Facebook I can tell you that it’s out NOW! Go buy!


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